About Me

My name is Valerie Rebecca. I go by Beckie because that's what my parents, family and a few close friends all me. Most of my associates, friends, etc. call me Val. I don't like Val. Here's why. But you can't tell people what name to call you without sounding like an asshole. If I had to give myself  a nickname, it would be the listmaker. I like to make lists. I also like irreverent toilet humor, chardonnay, reading, Veronica Mars and making things from scratch.

I work full-time in higher education at really good institution. I don't work directly with students, but I do feel that in my work I am helping those who support students do their jobs better.

I have always enjoyed writing, and I have even been published a few times. This blog is my effort at building a writing base beyond my spiral notebooks. It's also a vehicle for me to continue to evolve into the person that currently only exists in my head.

Things I'm proud of although I did nothing to earn them:
  • only child
  • black woman 
  • left-handed 
  • capricorn
  • grey hair
  • inner city born and bred
Things I'm proud of I did earn:
  • I have a Master's degree in Organization Development which I earned before the age of 30
  • I lost over 50 lbs. working out on my own (unfortunately I now have to do this again)
  • I have a great relationship with my mother
  • an opportunity to travel to Europe to present at a conference
  • I have a job I'm falling back in love with
  • I can read and speak Spanish
I'm really good at:
  • making lists, obviously
  • coming up with amazing ideas both at work and at home
  • being funny (I think I'm hilarious)
  • solving puzzles
  • knitting
  • being logical
I'm really bad at:
  • calling friends and family on the phone (I fucking hate the telephone!)
  • following through when I lose interest in something
  • exercising on a consistent basis
  • managing money

*I write this blog because I'm an expert on my own life. I am not an expert in anything else, so do not take any advice from me. Including what I just said.